Burbio School Tracker Weekly Updates

Burbio's  K-12 public education digest  highlights key data points from our team's proprietary research, covering school finances, enrollment, Covid mitigation, and more. 
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Week of 11/14: "Weekend to Recover"

This week we take a look at illness-driven school disruptions, 2022/23 enrollment announcements from two states, and other trends from around K-12.

Week of 11/7: Spend Down

This week we look at enrollment trends, ESSER III spend down rates, and other K-12 news from around the country.

Week of 10/31:  Early Enrollments

This week we look at 2022/23 enrollment summaries from two states, plus data related to last week's release of NAEP Assessments.

Week of 10/24: Functions & Objects

District budgets are often highly detailed and thus our spending categorizations are very granular, but they can also be rolled up to see higher...

Week of 10/10: One-to-One

Initiatives to provide one device for each student are reflected in multiple areas of school district spending.

Week of 10/3: $1 Billion-Plus

As our district set now covers 81% of the K-12 public school population we wanted to size some of the markets, several of which exceed $1 billion.

Week of 9/26: "Just Two Days a Month"

This week we look at district ESSER III spending by district size, and communication to parents about the importance of daily school attendance.

Week of 9/12: 2019 Benchmarks

This week we look at districts with increasing enrollment, including some that have not recovered back to pre-Covid-19 levels.

Week of 9/5: Forecasting Decline

Burbio's School Budget Tracker documents detailed K-12 spending, and as part of that initiative we see discussion of district enrollments. This week...

Week of 8/29:  Percent Spent

This week we look at the percent of ESSER III funding spent by districts across fifteen states, plus school security initiatives

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