The Business Intelligence  Platform for School and Community Life

Burbio is a data service that aggregates critical school and community data to allow partners to optimize their operations and drive their missions.

Burbio's data is used by stakeholders including K-12 suppliers and Ed tech firms, investment professionals, advocacy groups, researchers, major retailers, packaged goods companies, real estate firms, and media companies.  

Budget Detail

The Burbio School Budget Tracker

measures hundreds of billions of K-12 spending across K-12 education and provides granular detail to spending patterns and trends.

ESSER III Spending Categories by Allocation per Student-1
includes detailed database of:

$80 billion of ESSER III spending plans providing a roadmap to the future of education innovation and critical market intelligence

Top 500 Map Masks 3-6-22

The Burbio School Opening Tracker

  •  is the industry leader in measuring school opening and Covid mitigation data
  • Details include a history of school closures from 2020 to the present and includes tracking on major policy issues such as mask policies (hot link), daily school disruptions, and more
Top 500 Map Masks 3-6-22

Burbio's School Enrollment Tracker

contains comprehensive and up-to-date enrollment trends down to the grade level  

Total US Start Date

Burbio's Calendar Insights Service

contains granular, detailed data on K-12 school start dates, end dates, vacation and dates and school holidays 

Screen Shot 2022-07-01 at 5.55.53 PM

Burbio's Community Event Tracker

delivers a database of 150,000+ school, government, library and community calendars streaming millions of hyper-local events for use in consumer engagement by partners across media, real estate, and non-profit organizations. 


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