About Us

Burbio is a data service that measures K-12 spending and policies and provides insights that drive results.  Burbio's data is used by suppliers, policy makers, investors, researchers and advocacy groups to better understand the K-12 market.

Burbio's speciality is gathering hard-to-find information and turning it into actionable insights for industry stakeholders.   Datasets include school board meeting minutes, strategic plans, state grants, checkbook registers, ESSER III plans, CapEx budgets, Superintendent staffing levels, and more.  The information is delivered through a district profile  that presents relevant information at the district level  as well as through market-level reporting highlighting important trends.   Burbio utilizes keyword searching and categorization of spending activity and provides the data in a format that can be easily integrated in to client CRMs 
Burbio's clients include curriculum providers, equipment manufacturers, technology and software suppliers, furniture suppliers, staffing companies, consulting firms, and more
Burbio entered the K-12 market in July, 2020, launching the Burbio School Opening Tracker, which became the authority on K-12 learning modalities, measuring whether schools were open for in-person learning every day, only a few days a week (hybrid) or not at all (virtual) during Covid-19.   Burbio's nationwide survey of local school activity was cited thousands of times in the press, as well as by government officials and academic researchers. During 2020-22  Burbio provided data to the CDC, as well as to K-12 suppliers and consumer packaged goods companies whose operations were impacted by pandemic-era educational policies. 
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