ESSER III District Detail

  • Use our dataset of 7,000+ districts to find those with ESSER III funding in your target categories
  • Over 100 categories across Academic Intervention, Technology, Facilities, Mental Health, Staffing and more

Product Features

Burbio has currently tabulated by category over $90 billion in planned spending for 7,000+ districts covering 83% of US K-12 public school enrollment.  Our detailed dataset breaks spending levels down to over 100 sub-categories within the five primary categories below (click to see list of subcategories).

  • Datasets updated monthly with updated actual ESSER spend and updated categorized spending for districts with updated ESSER plans.
  • Dataset includes source links to all identified plans
  • ESSER III “Actuals” updated from state dashboards and schools budgets
  • Fields include NCES Codes, latest enrollment, ESSER III allocations, district name, state, county, number of schools, district FRPL percentage

ESSER III Spending Categories


Academic Intervention and Learning Loss

  • Summer Learning
  • Math/ELA Coaching and Programming
  • Tutoring
  • ADA compliance/improvement
  • Support for students with disabilities
  • Instructional Materials
  • Afterschool Programs/ Extended Day
  • Weekend Learning
  • Instructional Software/Licenses
  • Student Assessments
  • Family Communication and Training
  • Community Engagement
  • Credit Recovery
  • College and Career
  • Student Attendance/ Enrollment/Re-engaging Disconnected Youth
  • Arts Education
  • Instructional Software
  • English learners/ Translation/ Interpretation
  • Work/Project-Based Curriculum
  • School Culture and Climate/Safe and inclusive learning environment
  • STEM Program and Supplies
  • Learning Hubs/Community Center Learning Support
  • Library Services
  • School Supplies
  • Physical Education

Physical and Mental Health

  • Public Health Protocols including COVID Testing, Vaccination, Contact Tracing
  • Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS)
  • Wraparound Services
  • SEL Program/Curriculum
  • SEL Training / Materials
  • Coordinating Covid-19 Preparedness Response with Health Departments
  • Counseling and Mentorship
  • Training on virus mitigation and minimizing spread of infections diseases
  • Nursing Equipment, Supplies, Health Clinics
  • Transition Coordination
  • Healthcare Hubs
  • Mental Health Services for Staff

Facilities and Operations

  • Air filtration, HVAC, Heating, Cooling
  • Repairing / improving school facilities to reduce risk of illness
  • Construction: Addition to existing building/new classrooms/new buildings
  • PPE/Supplies: masks, cleaning wipes, gloves
  • Outdoor Classrooms/Playground Equipment/Shade Structures
  • Preparedness and Response Efforts
  • Windows/Doors
  • Furniture/equipment for increased spacing
  • Custodial Equipment and Cleaning Supplies
  • Nutrition Program
  • Nutrition Equipment
  • Athletics Facility Upgrades
  • Security(Cameras, new locks)
  • Water Bottle Filling Stations
  • Sidewalks/Parking/Fencing
  • Create Calming Spaces
  • Purchase/Rent Modular Classrooms or real estate for spacing
  • Planning, coordinating, and implementing school closures
  • Asbestos Removal
  • Lighting: UV lights for disease mitigation
  • Student ID cards--touchless
  • Electrical
  • Bus Air Purification


  • Student Mobile Devices
  • Technology Infrastructure and Hardware
  • Virtual Model/Online School/Distance Learning
  • Connectivity
  • Smartboards
  • Software
  • Cybersecurity
  • Student Information Systems
  • Central Office Tech
  • Bus Wifi
  • School Board Tech

Staffing and Retention

  • Staffing/Teachers/Academic Interventionists/Guidance Counselors
  • Staffing- Psychologist or other Mental Health Professional
  • Staffing- Support Staff
  • Staffing- Nurse or other Physical Health Specialist (eg, speech therapist)
  • Staffing- Summer School
  • Staffing - Custodial
  • Staffing - Virtual Learning
  • Staffing- Tutoring
  • Staffing - General Administrative
  • Staffing - Technology
  • Staffing- Afterschool
  • Staffing - Transportation
  • Staffing - Security
  • Staffing - Nutrition
  • Staffing - Library Techs
  • Staffing - Athletics
  • Staff Bonuses/Hazard Pay/Overtime
  • Class Size Reduction
  • Teacher Licenses
  • Maintain Services, Recruit and Retain staff
  • General Professional Development
  • Additional Teacher Planning Time

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