Burbio School Tracker Weekly Updates

Burbio's  K-12 public education digest  highlights key data points from our team's proprietary research, covering school finances, enrollment, Covid mitigation, and more. 
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Week of 1/23: Charter vs Non-Charter

This week we look at the difference in stimulus spending between charter and non-charter schools, enrollment trends broken out by free or...

Week of 1/16: The Class of 2034

This week we look at some examples of state-level ESSER III spending, district-level enrollment shifts from the latest NCES data, and the residual...

Week of 1/9: Top Ten, Bottom Ten

This week we review recently announced NCES school enrollment data, charter school ESSER III spending rates, and more.

Week of 1/2: Less Than 2%

This week we provide updated figures for ESSER III spending categories, note the acceleration in spending by larger districts, and put some...

Week of 12/19: City Declines

This week we look at continued school disruptions and trends from the fifteen states that have announced 2022/23 enrollments.

Week of 12/5: CapEx

This week we look at K-12 disruptions related to illnesses, CapEx budgets and continued enrollment announcements.

Week of 11/21: A Fourteenth Grade

This week we look at Pre-K's role in district's enrollment shifts, a report out of Connecticut on remote learning, and 2022/23 enrollment...

Week of 11/14: "Weekend to Recover"

This week we take a look at illness-driven school disruptions, 2022/23 enrollment announcements from two states, and other trends from around K-12.

Week of 11/7: Spend Down

This week we look at enrollment trends, ESSER III spend down rates, and other K-12 news from around the country.

Week of 10/31:  Early Enrollments

This week we look at 2022/23 enrollment summaries from two states, plus data related to last week's release of NAEP Assessments.

Week of 10/24: Functions & Objects

District budgets are often highly detailed and thus our spending categorizations are very granular, but they can also be rolled up to see higher...

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