Week of 6/13: Lockdown Buckets

Burbio is launching an expanded data service that breaks down 2022/23 district-level school budgets from across the U.S and provides actionable insights for suppliers and stakeholders across K-12. We will be conducting a brief webinar describing the service on Thursday, June 23rd at 2 pm EST. Click here to sign up to learn more. This week we look back on In-Person Indexes over the last two school years, review a state-by-state overview of shifts in ninth grade enrollment, and review trends in school lockdowns and free school supplies.

This week we look back on In-Person Indexes over the last two school years, review a state-by-state overview of shifts in ninth grade enrollment, and review trends in school lockdowns and free school supplies.   More below.  
1.  As we close the 2021/22 school year we wanted to revisit our in-person indexes, first with a look at the past two years, and then at a look at just this academic year.    First, a look at the past two years:
US K-12 Public Schools In-Person Index  2020-22
In-Person Index (IPI) is a student enrollment weighted index with students receiving traditional in-person instruction weighted at 100, students receiving hybrid instruction (2-3 days per week in-person) weighted at 50 and students receiving virtual instruction weighted at zero.   For 2020/21 IPI calculations are for a specific date based on projections using district level closures from a nationwide, locally distributed sample of 1200 School Districts representing 47% of US K-12 Public School students.  For 2021/22 IPI calculations are a daily average schools disrupted during a week based on nationwide, comprehensive search for all school closures. 5,000 districts representing over 70% of US students are reviewed weekly, plus a sweeping coverage of news sites, government sources, and social media to identify closures beyond those. 
Below is the IPI for this year.  Note we started the scale at 90 percent to get a more precise sense of scale.   Disruptions peaked in mid-January at between three and four percent of schools: 
2021-22 IPI

More detailed information on trends and state-by-state breakdowns can be found on our School Opening Tracker page. 


2.  This week we wanted to look at state-by-state changes in ninth grade enrollment as the differences across states are quite wide.    To refresh here are the national-level grade shifts in enrollment from 2020/21 to 2021/22: 

National Grade Level 5-27-22-2
This piece in The 74 and this one from Chalkbeat cover what is driving the figures at the ninth grade level.  Below is a state-by-state look at percentage changes for ninth grade:
9th Grade Enrollment
3.  In news from around the country: 
  • We continue to note lockdowns due to security threats.  Among many examples Stamford Public Schools, CT locked down a middle school "because a person was trespassing on the property."   At Dighton Rehobeth High School, MA there were multiple lockdowns, one related to live ammunition being found in a bathroom, and another due to threatening graffiti.   In Providence, RI three elementary schools were placed in "secure status" after receiving threatening calls.  Moriarty-Edgewood School District, NM announced "no summer lunch today.   Due to safety threats, all schools are on a shelter in place . . .. No outside lunch service.  . . "  In Parma City School District, OH a 16 year old was arrested in connection with a threat that caused the temporary closing of the high school.  Waynesboro Area School District, PA closed all schools after "a masked individual displaying a handgun posted a threat on social media advising that students should not go to school . . ."  In Uniondale Free School District, NY a fifteen year old was arrested for making threats on social media as the police reported the "individual stated that they made a posting to cancel school and avoid a test . . ."
  • Pike Township, IN and Grand Rapids, MI school districts both eliminated their uniform requirement.  In Pike they did a survey: "The survey results showed families and staff were largely split about the uniform requirement, while our scholars were overwhelmingly opposed to it .  . . ."
  • We are seeing more references to free school supplies.  Among examples:  East China School District, MI will be giving away backpacks filled with supplies to elementary and middle school students. Marion Unit School District # 2, IL will be giving away school supplies at their Back to School expo.  New Philadelphia City Schools, OH will do the same at their summer K-5 "Prepare for Success" event.  Weslaco ISD, TX  announced on Twitter: "No more school supply lists. Weslaco ISD is pleased to announce that school supplies for all students will be provided by the district for the 2022-23 school year.  WISD parents are no longer required to purchase school supplies!"   Madison County Public Schools, GA will give away supplies at their "Back to School Rally" in July.  Montgomery County Schools, MD is soliciting donations of $15 to supply "a student in need with a backpack full of school supplies."    Silver City Schools, NM "will purchase school supplies for our students during the 2022–23 school year. Classroom supplies will be provided to the campuses, and School Supply Lists will not be distributed. . . ." 
  • Lake Central School Corporation, IN is seeking donations of emergency "buckets" for each classroom for lockdown supplies.  "Each bucket will contain items that would aid teachers if they are caught in a lockdown situation. For example, during our active shooter scare in September, students and teachers were kept in their rooms for over 5 hours  . . .  . Lake Central will need around 800 buckets to cover classrooms in our 10 schools, our transportation center, and Central Office . .  . We estimate each bucket to cost around $45 and we will advertise your name or organization on our website and marquee."

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