Week of 12/5: CapEx

This week we look at K-12 disruptions related to illnesses, CapEx budgets and continued enrollment announcements.

1.  For this academic year to date, illness-related school disruptions continue to be concentrated in Kentucky.   Since November 4th, there have been 74 districts and 515 individual schools that have either gone virtual or closed for at least one day for that reason, with roughly 60% of the districts and 75% of the schools being from Kentucky: 

Illness Disruptions 12-3-22

2.  Burbio continues to compile district-level data from 2022/23 enrollment announcements.   Below are the states that have announced their enrollment change for this current year with the change from the previous year noted for comparison:

State Summary Enrollment 12-3-22
A map can be found on our enrollment tracker page which will be kept up to date as the year progresses:
Enrollment Map 12-3-22

3.  Two new states recently announced enrollments.  Below is the grade and locale change for Mississippi, which declined 0.45% versus last year overall.  The yellow is for this current year, the red is for last year.  Note the continued increase in Pre-K enrollment, and that City districts are declining the most in the state: 

MS Grade Enrollment
Mississippi Locale Enrollment

Idaho's enrollment showed a total declined of 0.8% after increasing by 1.77% in the previous year.  Below are the locale shifts, with this year being yellow:

Idaho Enrollment

4 .As we continue to build out our School Budget Tracker service, Burbio is compiling detailed CapEx budgets for use by suppliers and policy makers.   In January we expect to share with clients and partners our detailed CapEx dataset for districts representing over 25% of US K-12 students.  CapEx budgets represent spending on acquiring or improving assets that will be used over multiple years.  The following chart represents the elements that are present in CapEx budgets we have compiled to date.  New construction and major renovations make the up the largest category, and often incorporate a variety of elements.   Note that technology, instructional equipment, and curriculum also frequently appear as capital purchases: 

CapEx By Category - 12-3-22

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