Burbio School Tracker 4/24: Change Percentages

This week we break down 2022-23 enrollments from Illinois, the percent of districts changing their ESSER III plans across the country, and top vendors mentioned in school board meeting documents

1, Burbio's database of over 7,000 ESSER III plans  covers $97 billion of ESSER III planned spending at districts enrolling 84% of U.S. K-12 students, and we sweep plans to check for changes.  In our last update to partners, we noted over ten percent of ESSER III plans had material changes in their latest updates.  Below is a list of the states with the highest percentage of district plans changing.  Note that Hawaii schools are governed by one state-wide district and did change their plan: 


2.  Beginning next week, Burbio will provide our school board meeting documentation dataset to partners, and we will be announcing a further expansion of our coverage.   As previously reported  school board documents provide insights on issues such as local education initiatives, contract awards, and staffing issues.  They also contain the names of vendors that the districts are working with.  Below are a set of frequently mentioned vendors from the most recent board meeting for 699 districts representing 36% of K-12 students:


The list above is not a complete list of vendor names mentioned in school board meeting documentation but rather a representation of suppliers who provide educational services nationally. 

3.  This week we feature 2022-23 school district-level enrollment trends from Illinois.  Total enrollment fell 0.8% versus 2021-22.  This follows a 1% decline from 2020-21 to 2021-22.  Below is the locale shift, with the most recent year in yellow.  Chicago Public Schools, by far the largest city district in Chicago, had an enrollment decline of 2.23% according to state records: 


Below is the grade level shift.   The increases in grades one, three and ten are consistent with trends we are seeing nationally: 


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