Burbio School Tracker 5/14: 5% and Below

This week we look at some clear differences in topics discussed in school board meetings across separate states and regions, highlight Early Childhood and Pre-K state grants, and look at some school districts with high Superintendent turnover.

1. Burbio's School Board Meeting Tracker covers school board meetings for just under 2,000 school districts each month, representing over 50% of the K-12 school population. This week we explore how district priorities and terminology differ across geographies. For this exercise we searched school board meeting minutes going back to January 2024.  

In the charts below there are five geographies featured:  California, Florida, and Texas, plus a bundling of New England states (CT, MA, VT, NH, RI, ME), and southern states (AL, MS, NC, TN, SC). Districts surveyed cover well over half the K-12 population in each geography, with the exception of New England, where the reporting covers just under half. The charts below represent the percentage of districts that mentioned the terms at least once since January 2024. 

Note:  Georgia districts tended to mention all terms searched at a low level, so we left them out of the southern region as they skewed the figures. 

The first chart shows district mentions of SEL and related terms (e.g., social-emotional learning).  Note that New England and California districts refer to SEL at a dramatically higher level than the other regions:

SEL Chart - 5-9-24

The next chart is for mentions of Mental Health, which also included searches for therapist. While not as prominent, New England and California had much higher mentions: 

Mental Health Chart 5-9-24

The next chart covers a basket of terms related to Security. In this case, Florida and Texas have the most mentions: 

Security Chart 5-9-24

Our final search this week is for terms about CTE and Career and Technical Education. Florida has the highest rate of mentions, while the South has more than New England and Texas:

CTE Chart 5-9-24

2.  Burbio's State-Level Funding Tracker features state-specific grants for K-12 schools, covering all state departments, as well as Federal grants where states can tailor the criteria. Burbio has identified over 900 grants and the database is growing daily.  This week we wanted to highlight the different types of Pre-K and Early Childhood grants we see:

3. Burbio will be shortly rolling out a Superintendent Turnover Tracker to allow clients to stay ahead of changes in this key leadership role by identifying and monitoring open positions. As we build out the database we wanted to further highlight two characteristics of the landscape: 



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