Burbio School Tracker 5/1: Texas is Tops

This week we break down recently announced enrollments from Texas, cumulative trends from the 41 states that have announced 2022-23 enrollments, plus key terms used in state education budgets.

1.  We are regularly expanding the data sources we examine for partners, and they now include K-12 checkbook registers, ESSER III plans, operating and CapEx budgets, and more.   To date we have gathered 35 state education budget documents for 2024 and we recently ran some keywords through them to evaluate priorities.  Below is a chart of key terms and the percent of state budgets that mention the term at least once:


2. This week we review recently announced 2022-23 enrollments from Texas.  Overall enrollment increased 1.7% versus 2021/22, representing the largest increase of the 41 states that have announced 2022-23 enrollments to date.  The most up-to-date summary can be found on Burbio's enrollment tracker page.

Below are the shifts by locale, with this year's change in yellow:


Below are shifts by grade: 


Below are the twenty largest city districts in Texas, as classified by NCES, with enrollment shifts from last year and two years ago.  Note that Idea Public Schools, classified as a city district, is a network of charters throughout the state:


Below are the twenty largest suburban districts, as classified by NCES, along with their respective enrollment shifts: 


3. To date, 41 states have announced 2022/23 enrollments.  Overall, enrollment for these states have seen a combined total increase of 0.19% versus 2021/22.     Below are the total changes by locale versus year-ago for the 41 states: 


Below are the trends by grade, with the Pre-K, Grade 1, Grade 3 and Grade 10 increases we have noted in many states driving the national numbers: 


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