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Powerful Local Content for Every Community in the USA is the industry leader in aggregating school, government, library and community event information for delivery over mobile, web, video, email and voice. Burbio’s technology organizes and streams millions of hyper-local events and keeps them automatically updated. Burbio’s relevant and critical content is engaging for consumers and important for business decision making. 

Burbio's Data: Example Use Cases

Alternative Data for Investment Decisions

Data Overview

Burbio’s data set consists of over 80,000 K-12 school calendars from all fifty states. Information is dynamically updated in real time to reflect school start dates, vacation dates, special events and schedules.  

Burbio delivers tens of thousands of library, government, and community non-profit event calendars from all 50 states.    Groups include YMCAs, Junior Leagues, Zoos, Aquariums, JCCs, United Ways, Habitat for Humanities, National and County Parks, Sierra Clubs, Habitats for Humanities, Rotary Clubs, and more.  Information is dynamically updated from source sites that reflect fundraising events, kids activities, volunteer groups, government meetings, and more.

Use Case: Alternative Data for Investment Decisions

  • Burbio's School Opening Tracker audits a comprehensive set  K-12 learning plans across districts representing 3,000 US counties in the US. School districts in the data set are a mix of sizes and distributed nationally in such a way to represent local decision-making across the country.  Burbio's data team grades districts by learning plan:  Virtual, Traditional In Person, and Hybrid, providing critical insight into this key economic driver at the county and local level.
  • Burbio’s Community Activity Index (CAI) measures in-person community life across five major areas: Government, Libraries, Chambers, Arts and Recreation, and Volunteer and Civic Organizations.  The CAI is customized at the county level by measuring each segment and then rolled up and weighted to the national level. This is a key indicator of Community Health post-COVID 
  • School start dates vary by state and by region and activity surrounding school starts act as an economic indicator in areas such as retail, energy automotive, travel, and technology purchases, and more and are valuable in the investment community. 

Use Case: Consumer Engagement

  • Burbio’s information can be customized for residents and consumers of digital and local media to allow residents to get personalized, incredibly hyper local and relevant information for school and community groups. The information engages users for personalized mobile applications, paid news subscription services, software platforms, and more.

  • Community information is a key element in the real estate purchasing decision and this information can be used by real estate professionals and large firms to demonstrate their understanding of the communities they represent and engage home buyers.  Information can be integrated into websites, email campaigns, social media postings and traditional mailers.

Use Case: Business Planning & Intelligence

  • In depth school event information - from school starts, teacher days, vacation schedules and holidays for over 80,000 K-12 public schools - are a key driver in segments such as retail, advertising, home sales, travel, and many other businesses driven by school related activity. These dates vary by region across the US and Burbio tracks it all.

  • COVID-related announcement openings, format changes, unique vacation schedules - it’s all changing daily across the US create volatility and need for better information to plan against these

  • Comprehensive local event information can be used by the news professionals to stay up to date on what is happening in their community and what stories they may want to cover  

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