Burbio's School Budget Tracker

deep dive into district-level ESSER III plans, operating budgets and CapEx budgets from across the U.S. for actionable trends, insights and business intelligence

Budget Detail

Burbio's School Budget Tracker dataset allows clients to identify district-level spending specifics for immediate marketing opportunities


Annual School District Operating and CapEx Budgets

   Annual School Budgets

Dataset of categorized spending of annual school budgets

1,000 K-12 School Districts

Representing $300 Billion in Spending

 ESSER III Planned Spending 

 6,000 School Districts covering $90 Billion in spending

Detailed categorization of planned spending into over 100 subcategories (see below)

For each district, dataset includes plan links, NCES ID and district demographics


 Current School Enrollment Trends  

District enrollment trends from state sources 

Reporting up to 15 months earlier than federally available statistics

District and grade level granularity

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ESSER III Planned Spending Dataset

ESSER III Pie Chart 1-2-23

Burbio's ESSER III dataset categorizes school district's spending plans into over 100 subcategories as shown below

Academic Intervention and Learning Loss

  • Summer Learning
  • Math/ELA Coaching and Programming
  • Tutoring
  • ADA compliance/improvement
  • Support for students with disabilities
  • Instructional Materials
  • Afterschool Programs/ Extended Day
  • Weekend Learning
  • Instructional Software/Licenses
  • Student Assessments
  • Family Communication and Training
  • Community Engagement
  • Credit Recovery
  • College and Career
  • Student Attendance/ Enrollment/Re-engaging Disconnected Youth
  • Arts Education
  • Instructional Software
  • English learners/ Translation/ Interpretation
  • Work/Project-Based Curriculum
  • School Culture and Climate/Safe and inclusive learning environment
  • STEM Program and Supplies
  • Learning Hubs/Community Center Learning Support
  • Library Services
  • School Supplies
  • Physical Education

Physical and Mental Health

  • Public Health Protocols including COVID Testing, Vaccination, Contact Tracing
  • Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS)
  • Wraparound Services
  • SEL Program/Curriculum
  • SEL Training / Materials
  • Coordinating Covid-19 Preparedness Response with Health Departments
  • Counseling and Mentorship
  • Training on virus mitigation and minimizing spread of infections diseases
  • Nursing Equipment, Supplies, Health Clinics
  • Transition Coordination
  • Healthcare Hubs
  • Mental Health Services for Staff

Facilities and Operations

  • Air filtration, HVAC, Heating, Cooling
  • Repairing / improving school facilities to reduce risk of illness
  • Construction: Addition to existing building/new classrooms/new buildings
  • PPE/Supplies: masks, cleaning wipes, gloves
  • Outdoor Classrooms/Playground Equipment/Shade Structures
  • Preparedness and Response Efforts
  • Windows/Doors
  • Furniture/equipment for increased spacing
  • Custodial Equipment and Cleaning Supplies
  • Nutrition Program
  • Nutrition Equipment
  • Athletics Facility Upgrades
  • Security(Cameras, new locks)
  • Water Bottle Filling Stations
  • Sidewalks/Parking/Fencing
  • Create Calming Spaces
  • Purchase/Rent Modular Classrooms or real estate for spacing
  • Planning, coordinating, and implementing school closures
  • Asbestos Removal
  • Lighting: UV lights for disease mitigation
  • Student ID cards--touchless
  • Electrical
  • Bus Air Purification


  • Student Mobile Devices
  • Technology Infrastructure and Hardware
  • Virtual Model/Online School/Distance Learning
  • Connectivity
  • Smartboards
  • Software
  • Cybersecurity
  • Student Information Systems
  • Central Office Tech
  • Bus Wifi
  • School Board Tech

Staffing and Retention

  • Staffing/Teachers/Academic Interventionists/Guidance Counselors
  • Staffing- Psychologist or other Mental Health Professional
  • Staffing- Support Staff
  • Staffing- Nurse or other Physical Health Specialist (eg, speech therapist)
  • Staffing- Summer School
  • Staffing - Custodial
  • Staffing - Virtual Learning
  • Staffing- Tutoring
  • Staffing - General Administrative
  • Staffing - Technology
  • Staffing- Afterschool
  • Staffing - Transportation
  • Staffing - Security
  • Staffing - Nutrition
  • Staffing - Library Techs
  • Staffing - Athletics
  • Staff Bonuses/Hazard Pay/Overtime
  • Class Size Reduction
  • Teacher Licenses
  • Maintain Services, Recruit and Retain staff
  • General Professional Development
  • Additional Teacher Planning Time

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